Library Technician Meets Sexy Snapchat Women Taking Advantage Of His Zen State Of Mind

Anuj Khurana is a Library Technician and Sex Blogger from El Cajon, California, who believes the historical claim that the Chaudhary people of India used to eat and have sex with pigs all the time before the arrival of the Muslims is absolutely correct.

Anuj writes the biggest problem with the US Citizens, especially the Californians, is that they do not participate in the free sex and other sexual liberation movements. Although they all feel for it and cannot wait to be liberated from the sexually repressing claws of the Judeo-Christian society they live in.

Anuj claims to have entered a superior spiritual, psychological, mental and physiological state to the infamous ‘Zen State of Mind’. About this, he writes he has no idea about even how it happened to him. What all he can tell us is that it all started with his tough childhood, which he believes, served as the greatest friend to him in disguise of his biggest enemy. He says he is thankful to it. He says it gives him the ability to see the people for who they really are and that is ‘Evolved Apes’. He doesn’t have to use his thinking anymore for it either, in order to not care about or for them, without any sort of effort, he seems them for who they really are; and to an extent he writes, the same goes for everything else as well that doesn’t involve human beings.

Anuj still gets to meet sexy women he first interacted with on porn snapchat and all he cares about is their raw energy, beauty and sexiness now. He is not concerned with their political views or anything of that sort anymore like he once used to be.

He writes the bliss he feels 24/ nowadays, cannot be described in words. And he thinks there is no going back from here. He doesn’t regret wasting so much of his time on useless people and porn anymore, although he could fuck real women back then if he were in the state that he is right now.

Anuj now claims to see porn, masturbation and those useless people now as a blessing, the road that made him come this far. He adds that if it weren’t for all of that, he wouldn’t be here and he is nowhere in the view and opinion of the outside material world, but could he care less?

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