Aspiring Japanese Politicians Working As Escorts To Collect Funding For Their Political Career

John Mitrevski from Odense, Denmark, is an Accountant and Sex Blogger, who believes the idea that the earth is round came to the Ancient Greeks after they noticed that everything that is highly energetic and/or beautiful is round, be it a woman’s breasts, her buttocks, or a man’s testicles. He adds the idea to make the bulb round also came to Edison due to the same.

The first few hundred poetries were erotic. The concept of poetry started somewhere in the Central Europe during the Iron Age where the men and women would gather near the fire and they would dance and sing before they would get to make love and sleep.

John Mitrevski

John is married to a Japanese woman who serves him a Sushi butt-naked each night, then they have their 69 nightly session.

One of the neighbors of John who used to look like John Travolta got a gender change surgery recently. Now he looks like the ugliest woman that you never saw before.

Korean vs Japanese Pornstars remind me of Hyundai vs Honda.

John Mitrevski

John writes 90% of the dried fruit eaters have those on a regular for their aphrodisiac effects. He further says half of these dried fruit eaters also believe that eating semen has rejuvenating effects. He is in talks with a sperm bank to buy semen from there and add that semen to the dried fruits he is going to sell.

John sounds like a conspiracy theorist when he says that the Indian Journalist – Tavleen Singh is a master spy, who first used her marriage to the Pakistani Business Tycoon and Politician – Salman Taseer to spy on Pakistan. She also had a son with Salman – Aatish Taseer, who has been spying on England, their British family and their Secret Intelligence Agency – MI6, for decades now. He further adds that his romantic affair with Lady Gabriella Windsor of the British Royal Family to spy on the royal family.

John further claims that Aatish Taseer is a homosexual and he falsely claims to be a bisexual. He pretended to be a straight man to the Royal Family and the Princess Lady Gabriella Windsor, just to be able to fool them. He would take potentially fatal medications to stay hard with her and he allegedly rocked her in the bed.

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