Library Technician Meets Sexy Snapchat Women Taking Advantage Of His Zen State Of Mind

Anuj Khurana is a Library Technician and Sex Blogger from El Cajon, California, who believes the historical claim that the Chaudhary people of India used to eat and have sex with pigs all the time before the arrival of the Muslims is absolutely correct.

Anuj writes the biggest problem with the US Citizens, especially the Californians, is that they do not participate in the free sex and other sexual liberation movements. Although they all feel for it and cannot wait to be liberated from the sexually repressing claws of the Judeo-Christian society they live in.

Anuj claims to have entered a superior spiritual, psychological, mental and physiological state to the infamous ‘Zen State of Mind’. About this, he writes he has no idea about even how it happened to him. What all he can tell us is that it all started with his tough childhood, which he believes, served as the greatest friend to him in disguise of his biggest enemy. He says he is thankful to it. He says it gives him the ability to see the people for who they really are and that is ‘Evolved Apes’. He doesn’t have to use his thinking anymore for it either, in order to not care about or for them, without any sort of effort, he seems them for who they really are; and to an extent he writes, the same goes for everything else as well that doesn’t involve human beings.

Anuj still gets to meet sexy women he first interacted with on porn snapchat and all he cares about is their raw energy, beauty and sexiness now. He is not concerned with their political views or anything of that sort anymore like he once used to be.

He writes the bliss he feels 24/ nowadays, cannot be described in words. And he thinks there is no going back from here. He doesn’t regret wasting so much of his time on useless people and porn anymore, although he could fuck real women back then if he were in the state that he is right now.

Anuj now claims to see porn, masturbation and those useless people now as a blessing, the road that made him come this far. He adds that if it weren’t for all of that, he wouldn’t be here and he is nowhere in the view and opinion of the outside material world, but could he care less?


Aspiring Japanese Politicians Working As Escorts To Collect Funding For Their Political Career

John Mitrevski from Odense, Denmark, is an Accountant and Sex Blogger, who believes the idea that the earth is round came to the Ancient Greeks after they noticed that everything that is highly energetic and/or beautiful is round, be it a woman’s breasts, her buttocks, or a man’s testicles. He adds the idea to make the bulb round also came to Edison due to the same.

The first few hundred poetries were erotic. The concept of poetry started somewhere in the Central Europe during the Iron Age where the men and women would gather near the fire and they would dance and sing before they would get to make love and sleep.

John Mitrevski

John is married to a Japanese woman who serves him a Sushi butt-naked each night, then they have their 69 nightly session.

One of the neighbors of John who used to look like John Travolta got a gender change surgery recently. Now he looks like the ugliest woman that you never saw before.

Korean vs Japanese Pornstars remind me of Hyundai vs Honda.

John Mitrevski

John writes 90% of the dried fruit eaters have those on a regular for their aphrodisiac effects. He further says half of these dried fruit eaters also believe that eating semen has rejuvenating effects. He is in talks with a sperm bank to buy semen from there and add that semen to the dried fruits he is going to sell.

John sounds like a conspiracy theorist when he says that the Indian Journalist – Tavleen Singh is a master spy, who first used her marriage to the Pakistani Business Tycoon and Politician – Salman Taseer to spy on Pakistan. She also had a son with Salman – Aatish Taseer, who has been spying on England, their British family and their Secret Intelligence Agency – MI6, for decades now. He further adds that his romantic affair with Lady Gabriella Windsor of the British Royal Family to spy on the royal family.

John further claims that Aatish Taseer is a homosexual and he falsely claims to be a bisexual. He pretended to be a straight man to the Royal Family and the Princess Lady Gabriella Windsor, just to be able to fool them. He would take potentially fatal medications to stay hard with her and he allegedly rocked her in the bed.


Physician Assistant Stopped Saving Money Since He Saw That Turk BBW On A Cam Site

Jules Kruger from Oakland, California, is a Sex Blogger and Physician Assistant, who recently created an adult niche business, a website that shows free porn, sells adult toys, and will soon offer live sex cam chat. The website shouldn’t be called a business as all the profits go for the welfare of the acid attack victims across the globe.

Jules claims to have done a great deal of research on Ugandan Pasta Senpai (Pastor Martin Sempa), Ugandan TV Host – Simon Kaggwa Njala and perhaps the most active and popular Gay Rights Activist of Uganda – Pepe Julien Onziema, quite too well.

Jules claims one of Pastor Martin Sempa’s sons is a closet homosexual whom the Pastor hates a lot since he was little as he doesn’t look like him and Pastor doubts he is biologically a son of some other guy. Pastor caught this son of his having sexual action with other gays quite a few times and that’s the reason why he hates the LGBTQ people so much.

As a history freak, Jules also claims to have done a great deal on Pakistan. He says he also keeps an eye on the current events of Pakistan. He writes the Well-off and Well-educated Pakistani men fear the martial law mainly for they think they are going to ban porn in Pakistan as one of the first things other than the Mujra and Best Cam Sites. He adds that many of the Pakistani men also fear that the VPN would be banned during the martial law as well.

Jules once dated this BBW from Vanuatu, who wouldn’t have sex with him if he wasn’t wearing a red coloured dotted condom on his dick. He believes she is the only woman with that fetish in the entire world. He is not sure about the LGBTQ community though.

Jules has been digging deep into the history of the Turks. He writes that for a very long time, the Turks believed that the girls born on 3rd were physically weaker and grew up to become adulterous. He writes for that very reason, many of the peasants would kill their baby girl right after her birth.


Escorts, Adult Dating, Xhamster and Vibragame, Believe Me They Ain’t The Same

I know several saleswomen turned escorts, pornstars and madames and let me tell you, saleswomen are some of the best women to join the adult industry. They really give their best to it and are really horny bitches.

I know several people from the Silicon Valley and let me tell you, as much as the IT engineers from Iran love coffee, the Indian IT engineers hate it. I had a short affair with a married IT engineer from India living and working in the Silicon Valley. She told me that her husband loves his women bald but she loves to keep her hair long. So, they have made a deal that she will be bald for 2 years and for the next 2 years, she will get to keep the length of her hair long, On the days when I was fucking her, she had her hair long and her hair were really silky. I never had a hair fetish before but this bitch got me it. She told me that during the days when she is bald, she wears a wig each time she is outside her home.

I keep checking the Escorts and Adult Dating Listings from around the world and I am surprised at the fact that more escorts than ever before are working as consignment merchandise than ever before, i.e., the pimp doesn’t pay the escort a penny until she gets sold in the first world and the opposite has been going on in the second and third world.

I really hope that they will start teaching sex and sexuality related businesses in the business schools soon enough. For example, how to manage a dildo manufacturing unit, how to manage an online sex toy retail business, how to manage a condom factory, how to market contraceptive pills, etc.

It is my prophesy that it is going to happen very soon and a couple of girls with tattoos that actively participate in Live Xhamster on Vibragame will be the ones to make it a reality.

I have been watching a lot of tattoo porn lately and it seems like the porn industry nowadays is obsessed with the tittyfucking. It has come to the point that they have forgotten that boobs are more meant to be squeezed. Really, squeezing boobs has become underrated and tittyfucking has become overrated in the porn, lately.

Me and my wife have been making so much of noise while fucking lately, it seems like our house definitely needs better soundproofing. I really feel weird whenever some neighbor of ours looks at me.

My wife used to be in the military. She claims that male generals take advantage of attractive female personnel in the military for higher positions.

After hearing this, I asked her, if she ever let any male general take advantage of herself, to which she replied “She is not that easy.”

She hates fiction books, including the ones related to the sex and sexuality.

She loves to wear polka dots bikini, I hate those, but I never told her this on her face. I am tired of seeing those polka dots bikinis on her, that’s why I prefer to undress her completely as soon as she gets in front of my eyes.


Crazy nagging wife tells her husband to watch the anal sex on MahaPorn whenever he demands it from her

Raj Dasgupta from Hinds County, Mississippi, owns a company that manufactures and sells dome and drone cameras to the wholesalers all over the state of Mississippi.

It goes without saying that Raj is a wealthy man, but he is cheap and an unbelievable one. He once bought a new dildo from a brick and mortar local adult store and resold it on eBay for double the price and wrote on his blog that he has never been any happier.

Raj loves to watch porn but he never spent a dime on it. He is often found watching free porn clips (คลิปโป๊) on a website full of Thai chicks, called MahaPorn.

Raj claims that the pussies of the Israeli Jewish women smell different than the Jewish belonging to any other country because of the fact that they eat nothing but Kosher food all the time.

Raj also advises his wife to eat nothing but kosher food so that he can enjoy the stink of her pussy a little more, but she never listens to him.

Raj loves the Christmas season because it is the season when his wife feels horny all the time and they spend most of their days doing nothing but roaming butt naked around the house, watching porn and fucking like crazy Bonobos.

Also, during the Christmas season, Raj’s wife allows him to fuck her in the ass, whereas for the rest of the year, he is only allowed to fuck her in her mouth, pussy or between her toes.


Husband can’t get hard with his perky tits wife unless he chews some BlueChew

It is really shocking to see that most adult people, mainly men, have a misconception that once you start suffering with an ED, your sex life is over. Though it is very much true that you cannot bring back the same life to your dick ever again, but stuff like BlueChew really works and you can totally rely on it for taking care of your dick to the level that you are able to satisfy your high estrogen young wife. It is not coming from my own personal experience but that of a friend who suffered with an ED during all his 30s but now in his 40s, can satisfy his wife better than ever before, thanks to BlueChew. His wife is really a great one, she never cheated on him, although there were times when they would make love only once a month.

He cheated on her a couple of times though. Once he tried having sex with a Delhi Russian escort, to check if he gets hard with her, which he did, but as soon as he reached back to his wife home, his dick was dead again.

It is really a pity that for the first time in the human history, more elites have been talking spirituality than sexuality at the parties and other events. If it keeps going like this, I have no doubt in my mind that the days for the humans and humanity are over. It is the sexuality that has evolved us from the apes and kept us alive, not the spirituality. Spirituality is the root cause of all evil, as per my personal observations and that of other experienced geniuses like myself, including UG Krishnamurti.

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